Made by a community of Jab- Handed Jammers! A perpetual contest between tastes; A MasterClass on how to do memecoins right!
Contract: 0x9fb9ec13a18eff7072ee8ca7ee7a2b295649e00d

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The Teams

Jam Shooter allows players to choose between Berry, Grape, Peach, or Orange Jams

How it works

Once players' wallets are signed by a specific Jam type, they start racking up points! You can play it NOW!

The Reward

At the end of each week, the team with the highest score get a surprise bonus!

What Sets Us Apart

Jam Token was conceived by a community of like-minded people with a wide array of skills.

Working Game
dApp with weekly variation
always positive

Farm App

A dAPP is in the works at the moment.

This will be a supplement to the JAMM3D game as an extra way of earning points for your respective team. We recommend that you choose a brotherhood and stick with it!


This roadmap outlines our goals and where we want to take Jam Token.


Stealth launch will commence on 08/03/2022. JAMM3D will be available to play on the testnet at launch.

Game Release

JAMM3D will be fully functional X days after the stealth launch. Dapp will be released even earlier

Marketing Push

In addition to community participation, partnerships, AMAs with celebrities, and surprise cameos on our twitter spaces will happen!


Being well-connected in the space and knowing many successful project owners, we will be able partner up with them and share our vision of JAM. The talks are happening even right now.

Future Drops

NFT drops will happen down the road, which will help our tier system. Each Jam team will have their own ranks, and get NFTs based upon that.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Is there a private sale?
WHY JAM, when there are many other coins around?
How can I contact the team?